Tongues in Trees

Samita Sinha, Sunny Jain and Grey Mcmurray met as a trio in spring of 2013. But the story of TONGUES IN TREES began in 2004, when Sunny and Samita had their first session in Sunny’s Harlem studio. Samita had just returned to New York from immersive study of Hindustani classical music in India, and was poised to dive into musical experimentation. Sunny was active in the city as a bandleader and drummer and was looking for a vocalist. His beats, informed by Indian rhythms, drum & bass and jazz, and her voice, at once raw and refined in spirit and expression, found immediate chemistry. They became key collaborators in one another’s projects over the next 3 years (Sunny Jain Collective, Kaash) before going in separate directions—Samita spent the next 5 years transforming tradition into her own vocal art, while Sunny created Red Baraat, the beloved “dhol & brass” band. Parallel, the debut album by Tongues in Trees, was released October 23, 2015.

Indie dream pop and Indian rhythms collide in the band Tongues In Trees
– John Schaefer, Soundcheck (WNYC)