Debut album on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Sunny Jain’s Wild Wild East encompasses myriad facets of Jain’s identity both as a first-generation South Asian–American and as a global musician,

“Sunny Jain, the drummer who leads the Red Baraat brass band, vastly expands his palette on Wild Wild East, a furiously propulsive song. Bollywood meets New Orleans, new age, rock and whatever else it takes to make this five-minute track hurtle forward with a new fusion at every junction.” The New York Times

“It sounds like the middle ground between a Western score and a Bollywood score, with a little free jazz in the mix too, and Sunny Jain fuses these things to the point where they sound like one focused style of music.” Brooklyn Vegan

“Taking on immigrant and diaspora experiences, this is Jain’s chance to represent himself, his family, and countless other Americans made to feel out of place because of their ancestry. He seizes the opportunity and soars.” PopMatters

“Creatively and ideologically, this is a perfect storm for Jain. Even in his already formidable body of work, Wild Wild East stands out as an album that not only deserves to be heard, but needs to be listened to. An understanding of the stories he tells here with such musical brilliance is liable to change hearts and minds for the better. Sunny Jain is the cowboy we need today, blazing new trails ahead into a sonically marked sense of community.” PopMatters

“Sunny Jain’s Bollywood-Western odyssey to the heart of American identity.” Document Journal